This Super-Cool Makeup Artist Knows All the Best Beauty Spots in Portland

Welcome to our new series for May, Drop a Pin. In keeping with this month's theme, Byrd's-Eye View, we'll be taking a tour of the year's top travel destinations-those places everyone on your Instagram feed seems to be visiting right now-and asking beauty-obsessed locals for their expert recommendations. From the best place for shopping indie beauty brands to the studios to sweat your way through the latest workout crazes via the brunch spots to be seen in, consider your holiday itinerary sorted.


Following Monica Cronin's guide to Auckland, New Zealand, we caught up with Brooke Burgess, a Portland, Oregon-based makeup artist who knows all the best ways to unwind in the city.

Where Do You Get Your Hair Cut in Portland?


"My friend and stylist Rachel Lara Krantz brings the magic when it comes to my hair. She owns Roan Hair Studio and operates out of a single-chair salon with her little terrier, Suzy, as assistant. The industrial space in inner SE Portland is creamy white from floor to ceiling and begs to be photographed. You can find Rachel on Instagram @explosions."

Where Do You Get Your Nails Done in Portland?


"For some serious nail design, I visitВ Finger Bang (yes, Finger Bang) in NE Portland. The artists there can do anything with a tiny brush and won't bat an eyelid at a bizarre request."

Where Do You Shop for Indie Beauty Brands in Portland?

Blush Beauty Bar

"I love Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd. Every brand they carry is cruelty-free, with a big selection of natural and local brands. I can't leave there without buying something! The store is laid out by product type, so all the brow products are together, all the mascaras are together and so on. They got me hooked on Marvis toothpaste and my beloved Eyeko Skinny mascara."

Where Are the Best Wellness Spots in Portland?


"For well-living, I turn to herbal remedies. In nearly every neighborhood in Portland, you will find a marijuana dispensary. Attis Trading is my favorite. The bud-tender recommendations are always fantastic. It's just like shopping for wine or cheese! For non-psychoactive herbal wellness, the tea shop Tea Chai Te is the best. I try to snag the window facing couch that looks down onto NW 23rd Avenue for people watching (dog watching)."

What New Fitness Studios Should We Check Out?


"Knot Springs is a social club, fitness studio, gym, spa and sauna. Their class schedule is a fun, dynamic mixВ I love their aerial yoga class followed by a soak and steam with incredible views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland."

Who Does the Best Facials in Portland?


"I enjoy the experience at Löyly, a communal, Scandinavia-inspired sauna. I've been really focused on thinking of my skin as an organ, and I can't deny the happy buzz I feel after an hour of sauna followed by an hour facial with Dr. Hauschka products followed by another hour of tea and sauna."

Is Spirituality Big in Portland Right Now?

"We are very into these sorts of things. Ed's House of Gems in NE is a rabbit hole of rooms with vintage display cases that rotate like a jukebox. I have taken to carrying around small smooth stones in my pockets to help me feel more grounded."

Where Are the Best Brunch Spots in Portland?


"I spend a lot of time thinking about the decadent (and gluten-free) Walnut Flapjacks fromВ Harlow on SE Hawthorne. Everything on the menu is delicious and mostly vegan. They also have the best healthy smoothies and juices in town."

Okay, booking flights immediately…