Found: 11 Non-Cheesy Makeup Kits Perfect for Halloween

If the words Halloween, makeup, and kit sendВ nostalgic shivers down your back (or resurrect day-before Party City remembrances) you're not alone. In a word, the typicalВ Halloween makeup kit reads cheesy. There, we said it. And even more typical, said kit warrants one use and one use only-a half-hearted, underwhelming application that's great for enhancing your costume onВ Halloween night but not so great for the other 364 days (or nights) of the year. Sound familiar?В

Of course, the "unnecessary" is all part of the allure of Halloween. WhatВ better timeВ to dress, decorate,В and drink in theme than the season of spook? However, with a little bit of strategy, you can actually complete your holiday beauty vibeВ without the use of a cheesyВ $3 makeup kit andВ with a kit that you'll love and actually want to use again-be it daily or for an extra-special night out or party. Truly, with the following Halloween makeup compilations, the possibilities are endless. Keep scrolling for 11 essential collections suitable for whatever getup you plan to rock this Halloween.В

Ben Nye Theatrical Creme Pro Makeup Kit $60Shop

If you mean business this Halloween (and perhaps every Halloween hereafter), we recommend this thorough assortmentВ from the masters at Ben Nye. The brand just celebratedВ its 50th anniversary, marking just how longВ it's been a major name within the theater, film, and professional makeup realms. The formulas are insanely pigmented, easily blended, and epically long-lasting.

This makeup kit, in particular, contains three foundations, a cream contour wheel, a bruise and abrasion wheel, highlight, shadow, white cream color, powder cheek rough, eyebrow and lip pencils, liquid latex, nose and scar wax, translucentВ face powder, spirit gum adhesive, spirit gum remover, stage blood, and a variety of puffs, brushes, sponges, and combs for a perfect-for-Halloween makeup job. At $60, that's some serious bang for your buck.В

Stila Vivid & Vibrant Monochromatic Kits $66Shop

Complete with one masterfully vibrant eye shadow duo, one tube of shimmer and glow, one perfect-for-smudging eyeliner, and Stila's cult-classic liquid eyeliner, this limited-edition kit from the brand is a great option for completingВ your Halloween makeup look. Plus, you have five gemstone-inspired hues to choose from: Sapphire, Jade, Amethyst, Labradorite, or Smoky Quartz-pick your poison.В

Tarte Fierce in a Flash Discovery Set $28Shop

Remember when we told you how to execute your Halloween makeup using eyelinerВ and eyeliner only? Yeah, this discovery kit from Tarte will come in clutch for that. At $28, it won't break the bank, and it includes a travel-size mascara (perfect for packing in your purse), liquid eyeliner, highlighter, and, last but not least, lashes and adhesive to accent. Plus, because it's Tarte, everything is cruelty-free.В

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Kit $54Shop

Halloween night calls for an impenetrable base to outsmart the ghouls, goblins, and all other witchcraftВ (aka too-strong Halloween-inspired cocktails) threatening to bring your look down an octave. So leave it to the master of bold and budge-proof, Kat Von D, to bless us with a preventative kit to keep foundation in tip-topВ shape all night long. Featuring the brand's beloved Lock-It Foundation, setting powder, and mist, this epic trio scares away fading, smears and any other tomfoolery your face may encounter.В

Urban Decay Naked 4Some Vault $216 $160Shop

In case you missed it, Urban Decay's OG Naked Palette will be laid to rest, so there's no better time than the present to snatch up the brand's limited-edition ride-or-die eye shadow quad. FeaturingВ Naked, Naked2, Naked3, and Naked Heat,В this kit will take your Halloween beauty vibe to the next level this year, and the next and the next.В

Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Elements Brow Kit $65Shop

Halloween or otherwise, a bold brow is at the epicenter of any monumental beauty look. And luckily, Anastasia Beverly Hills' quintessential kit has you covered. Here's what you'll get: the brand's signature (and patented!) stencils, a brow powder duo, the #7 brush, tweezers, and the Stay-All-Night clear brow gel.В

Mehron Fantasy FX Face and Body Paint $3Shop

Okay, okay,В besides festival season, there might not be another annualВ occasion you'll need Mehron's Fantasy FX body paint for other than Halloween. However, when you need body paint, you need body paint, right? This isn't a kit, per se, but with over 15 shades to choose from all at feasible price points, it's easy to put one together centered around the theme of yourВ costume. Plus, the smooth cream formula easily washes off with a quick douse of witches brew, or soap and water.В

Lemonhead L.A. The Highlite Duet $36Shop

Described by the brand as "glitter for adults," Lemonhead L.A.'s wide array of addictiveВ photogenic glitter is a no-brainer once Halloween rolls around. (For inspiration, check outВ this and this.) And withВ its Highlite Duet, you can curate your perfect sparkleВ MO. First, choose your Highlite glitter-either Adult Film or Houdini-and then your full-size Spacepaste accompaniment.В

Lemonhead L.A. Glowjam $24Shop

Oh, and since we couldn't choose just one gem from the brand, we're also throwing Lemonhead L.A.'s spell-binding GlowjamВ into the mix. Which, you guessed it, is glow-in-the-dark glitter. We recommend compiling all five colors for a sensational, night-friendly makeup vibe this Halloween.В

Imagic Cosmetics Body Painting Flash Tattoo Palette $30Shop

If you're mourning the nostalgicВ ambiance of something a little tackier (but endearingly so), we recommend this comprehensive kit from Imagic which can tackle virtually any Halloween makeup challenge. It comes complete with brushes, body paint, wax, and remover.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Everything Kit $350Shop

An investment? Surely. But with that being said, this ethereal perfection of a makeup kit might just be one of the most desired in the world. And it's absolutely perfect for an otherworldly Halloween-inspired makeup application or, you know, a top-notch everyday glow. Our editors are obsessed with the kit's inner workings (three dual-ended highlighters and balms, a prismatic highlighting palette, and six high-wattage lipsticks), and we have a hunch you will be too.В

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