8 Green Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard Of Yet (But Should)

Eco beauty is high on the consumer agenda right now as we're all slowly but surely starting to shop more consciously. But, that doesn't mean we want to forgo the luxe aesthetic that so many mainstream beauty brands do so well. The green beauty world has taken note and is redefining what luxury beauty looks like. These days, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to eco beauty that still feels high-end and luxurious.

Niche beauty brands are proving that eco-consciousness and luxury can go hand in hand and that you don't need to spend a small fortune obtaining both for your bathroom counter. Below are eight relatively new and little-known eco-luxe beauty brands that are good for the planet, good for your skin and just downright good-looking.

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Created by esthetician Lesley Thornton, L.A.-created brand Klur has been over a decade in the making. The small but perfectly formed line-up of seven botanically-derived products is free of parabens, sulfates, fillers, fragrance, and dyes. They pack a punch with active ingredients like retinol and vitamin c to tackle everyday skin concerns. If you're a city-dweller, give the Symmetry Fluid (below) a try-it creates a breathable barrier on the skin and helps to strengthen your complexion to fend off daily environmental assaults.

Klur Symmetry Fluid $68Shop


В Luxe Botanics

Luxe Botanics is the brainchild of JenГ© Roestorf, a South African biological scientist and global ingredient hunter, who combines her knowledge of natural ingredients and science to create efficacious skincare products. Every product is made using sustainable and fair trade ingredients. You can see how Luxe Botanics gives back here. The Camu Brightening Mist below is a Byrdie favorite, thanks to its brightening shot of vitamin c and the hydrating hit of hyaluronic acid.

Luxe Botanics Camu Brightening Mist $36Shop


В Pinch of Color

Founder Linda Treska has over 20 years of experience working in R&D for big brands like EstГ©e Lauder and Laura Mercier, and she's funneled that knowledge into Pinch of Color. It's USP? The brand is waterless. Water is often the first ingredient in so many beauty products, but water shortage is a very real global problem. Treska and the team works with local NGOs to help deliver clean water to those who need it most.

The brand's Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil nourishes the skin while delivering a sheer wash of color to your pout. It's ideal for hot summer days.

Pinch of Color Healthy Lips Waterless Lip Oil $21Shop


В Au Naturale

Okay, so Au Naturale has been around since 2011, but if you're new to eco beauty, you might not have heard of this natural makeup line. Created by Ashley Prange, a former nuclear analyst in D.C., the brand is PETA-approved, has the Leaping Bunny certificate, doesn't contain synthetic colors, and is paraben-free too.

The product line-up is vast, from foundation to lip stains; if you want to switch to eco makeup, you'll find what you need here. The CrГЁme de la CrГЁme Eye Shadow comes in some beautiful suit-all shades and can be used as shadow, eyeliner or even brow filler (depending on the shade you choose).

Au Naturale CrГЁme de la CrГЁme Eye Shadow $24Shop


В Homesick Candles

100% soy wax and hand-poured, Homesick candles are as chic as they are fun. From universal memories like First Kiss and Backyard BBQ to cities, states and countries, these candles will evoke a feel-good feeling in your home.

Miami (below) is packed with beachy smells like citrus, suntan lotion and coconut, making it ideal for this time of year.

Homesick Candles Miami $30Shop


В Juna

Juna is a range of CBD- and Hemp-based edible drops that can be added to food and drinks. Founder Jewel Zimmer's was a fine-dining pastry chef and is a certified sommelier so this has informed the ingredients that have gone into the aesthetically-pleasing bottles. The Hemp drops ship nationwide, while the CBD drops are only available in California.

Try the Nude Hemp Phyto-cannabinoid Rich (PCR), which relieves stress, naturally lifts the spirit and is available country-wide.

Juna Drops: Nude Hemp Phyto-cannabinoid Rich (PCR) $75Shop


В Kana

Kana Skincare combines the healing properties of hemp with a K-Beauty approach, and all the products are vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free.

The jelly-like Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask is packed with purple rice and licorice to increase our hyaluronic acid levels to leave your complexion looking plump come the morning. Simply slather it on and rinse off when you wake.

Kana Skincare Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask $65Shop


В Apto Skincare

Apto Skincare is "on a mission to democratize clean beauty". The range is plant-based and esthetician-backed but most importantly, it's affordable yet chic-looking. All ingredients are ethically-sourced, while the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The brand does masks and mists very well, but it's the Liquid Exfoliant Seaweed (below) that caught our eye. Apply to the skin for seven minutes and let the malic, glycolic andВ tartaric acidsВ get to work nibbling away dead dull skin, while the seaweed restores vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to your complexion.

Apto Skincare Liquid Exfoliant Seaweed $22Shop

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