This $19 Multi-Tasking Cream Works Harder Than Your Entire Bathroom Cabinet

German beauty brand Weleda was well ahead of the beauty and wellness world when it launched in 1921. Dr. Rudolf Steiner collaborated with one of the first female physicians in Europe, Dr. Ita Wegman, and a team of scientists to create a skincare range that was designed to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms using biodynamic farming methods to cultivate the natural ingredients. Steiner realized the human body was part of nature and should be treated accordingly.

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream ($19) was invented in 1926 and the 100% natural formulation has remained the same for all those years. With calendula, chamomile, glycerin, lanolin and beeswax, alongside a cocktail of oils, it is incredibly nourishing. Recently, thanks to makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who is a huge Skin Food advocate, and celeb fans including Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it has become seriously popular. And rightly so-despite being originally created with very dry skin in mind, this multi-tasking nourishing product has so many uses which we're going to reveal below. Get comfy, because it's a long list.

1) Cuticle Cream

Rich in oils, lanolin and beeswax, this makes light work of softening and nourishing dry, cracked cuticles.

2) Face Mask

If you have seriously dry skin then you can apply a layer of Weleda Skin Food and leave it on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing away with a cloth. Your skin will feel smooth and look unbelievably dewy.

3) Skin Soother

Recently I burned the skin on my face. Once the initial pain faded, I was left with a scaly patch of skin. I applied a thick layer of Weleda Skin Food and went to bed. Upon waking, the roughness had gone and my skin looked almost as good as new.

4) Hair Tamer

Mix a little Skin Food between your fingers and apply to dry ends or to smooth away unwanted flyaways. Not only will your hair look smoother, but the natural ingredients will nourish your strands, too.

5) Moisturizer

Whether you have dry skin or normal skin that's suffering in extreme weather, be it sweltering sun or shivering cold, Weleda Skin Food makes for a very effective moisturiser. Your skin will look smooth and glowy. There is also a light version of the OG if you don't have super dry skin.

6) Lip Balm

You can buy a Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter ($7), but the original works just as well to hydrate and soften lips.

7) Barrier Cream

Whether you're dying your hair or applying fake tan, use Weleda Skin Food as a barrier cream around your hairline if you're applying hair colour or onto heels, elbows and wrists when fake tanning.

8) Foot Cream

If you suffer from cracked heels, apply a thick layer of Weleda Skin Food before bed and then pop on some cotton socks. The socks will help the balm to sink in to soften and smooth your heels while you sleep.

9) Highlighter

Katie Jane Hughes uses Weleda Skin Food on the high points of her face before applying foundation. She sometimes layers some on after her makeup to ramp up that shine too. It gives your complexion a glistening-not shimmery-highlight which looks incredibly beautiful. Plus, it nourishes your skin too.

10) Eye Cream

Run out of eye cream? You can use a little Weleda Skin Food dabbed lightly around the orbital bone. It will make light work of plumping up dehydration lines and making you look like you've had a solid eight hours of sleep.

11) Makeup Primer

If you have dry skin, a light layer of Skin Food is the perfect base for makeup. It will help your foundation to glide on smoothly. Use your foundation brush to blend a light layer onto your skin.

12) Tinted Moisturizer-Maker

Don't want a heavy coverage of foundation? No problem-simply use the back of your hand as a palette and mix your liquid foundation with Weleda Skin Food. The more Skin Food you add, the sheerer the coverage will be. Simple.

13) Body Cream

Yes, Weleda has a Skin Food Body Butter ($19), but you can use the OG on dry, cracked knees and heels, on the backs of your hands or to add a pretty sheen to shins and your dГ©colletage.

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