This is the Haircut That Will Define 2018, According to the Experts


Quite frankly the idea of #NewYearNewYou is so stomach-churningly clichГ©, it's enough to put us off our mince pies. The idea of a fresh start does have us considering changing something, though: Our hair. I mean, let's face it, we'd all like to saunter back into the office in 2018 with a fresh (albeit sale-bought) wardrobe and a new haircut to boot. But if you're planning on trying this kind of makeover, don't go into the hair salon blind-take the experts with you.

We've gathered a lineup of the most successful hairstylists and asked them for their take on the biggest haircut trend that we can expect to see everywhere next year. The answer was pretty unanimous. The haircut set to define 2018 is the blunt cut.

Yep, you can wave goodbye to your trusty layers-as it turns out, the quickest route to healthier-looking hair is blunt, straight-cut ends that will make wispy ends look sturdier and hair look thicker. But thankfully, there isn't just one way to wear the trend. Keep scrolling to discover three hairstylists' take on the blunt cut trend.

The '80s Revival


According to celebrity hairstylist Larry King, the '80s are back in a big way for 2018 with a movement towards blunt bobs with curled-under ends-a look he not only tried recently on Pixie Lott, but he also styled the prim and proper geek-chic trend on me here.

“Think Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface kind of vibes,” explains King. “Gucci did it with its autumn/winter 2017 campaign, but this is making it for mainstream and cool now.” The single length makes hair look healthier, and according to Bobby Collier, stylist at Larry King's salon, “the finish is luxe but not plasticky, with a bit of air and light fluffiness to it.”

He also reckons a lot of us will start taking our cues from Winona Ryder in Stranger Things, with '80s-inspired long flicky fringes.


Afro hairstylist of the year 2017 and founder of eponymous hair line Charlotte Mensah predicts the return of the fringe. “There will be many variations of the fringe next year, i.e., side-swept fringe, shaggy fringe, micro fringe and '70s fringe,” she explains, “But also expect to see the blunt bob with a sharp full fringe.”

According to Mensah, the addition of the fringe is the best way to update your hair for the new year. “Getting a fringe is an instant style statement-it's a way to accessorise with hair. These styles will be popular, as they really do suit most face shapes.” Even better still, Mensah is adamant that there's a fringe to work with every hair texture, so just seek the advice of your hairdresser.

The Cropped Bob

For Adam Reed, Ghd global ambassador, there's going to be a shift away from the mid-length boyfriend bob, which was so popular last season. “Instead, there will be a move towards something a little more precise and above the shoulder, roughly halfway between your ears and the nape of the neck,” he explains. “Done correctly, it will do wonders for your bone structure and is often the gateway to an even shorter 'do.”

“Short hair can need more styling maintenance than longer hair… but remember that short hair takes less time to dry so you can dedicate those extra minutes that you've saved on drying to styling your hair each day,” recommends Reed. “If you're going for a drastic cut from long to short, ask your hairdresser to show you the different ways of styling your new hair.” And it might be worth investing in a styling tool like the Ghd Nocturne Platinum Styler (£175) to add femininity and movement to your blunter cut.

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