Beauty Cheat Sheet: 7 Hacks For Perfect Eyeliner

We love a good beauty hack-and eyeliner is no exception. If your shaky hand is making your relationship with liner a difficult one, not to fear: we've gathered seven hacks that even eyeliner newbies can master.


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#1: The Business Card Flick

Take the long edge of a business card and hold it up diagonally against the corner of your eye. Use the edge to trace a perfect wing with your eyeliner. Then, just line the rest of your eye as usual and connect it to the wing you just created.


Source: Michelle Phan

#2: Trace It Over

If you and your shaky hands have yet to master liquid liner, not to fear-you can still get the inky staying power of liquid formula with the ease of applying a pencil. How? Just apply your pencil eyeliner as you would normally, then trace over it with a liquid liner. The pencil will create a base for your liquid liner, and hide any bleeding or shakiness.В

#3: Scotch Tape Trick

Who knew your gift-wrapping companion could help you perfect your cat-eye? Cut a one-inch long piece of Scotch tape and press it to your hand a few times to dull its stickiness-this will keep it from tugging your delicate eye area. Then, just use it like you did your business card, applying it at an angle upwards from your bottom lash line. Click here for the full tutorial!


Source: Elle

#4: The Tilt

If you have trouble creating symmetrical flicks, try this trick: tilt your chin up when you create the wing. By looking down at the mirror, you'll have a clearer view of the flick you're creating. Then, just clean up the flick with a Q-tip and trace the rest of the liner along your lash line.


Source: The Beauty Department

#5: Freeze Out

Nothing is worse than melted, crumbly eyeliner. Help your trusty pencil eyeliner get back to its smooth, sleek state by sticking it in the freezer for 10 minutes-the tip of the pencil will harden and make applying so much easier.

#6: Connect The Dots

Instead of trying to create one long line along your lash line, draw a line of dots (or short strokes, whichever is easier), then blend them together with a eyeliner smudger.



#7: The Wet Brush Trick

For a barely-there flick, try this trick. Apply your pencil eyeliner as usual along your lash line, then dip an angled eyeliner brush in water, brushing off any excess moisture. Take this damp brush and drag out the end of your pencil eyeliner. Voila-instant cat-eye!


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